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Rubble Heaps Aren't The Next Big Thing In Housing (Yet)

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The jokesters at We Love NOLA are at it again, this time with "The New Cool Place to Live in New Orleans is a Rubble Heap."

"First it was warehouses in the CBD. Next came renovated shotguns in the Marigny, shortly followed by artist lofts in the Bywater and Mid City. Now there's a new real estate fad in town attracting young professionals, hipsters, and edgy artists.It's a towering rubble heap in Central City."
There are a couple good comments — "This can't be real" and "You're joking aren't you..." but it looks like most readers got the satirical memo this time. Some may recall their article a couple months ago about a (fake!) lawsuit over a too-spicy crawfish berl that led to a viral outrage.
· The new cool place to live in New Orleans is a rubble heap [We Love NOLA]