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Lower Garden District Home On Coliseum Sq. Asks $1.595M

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Another Lower Garden District home offering some serious eye candy goodness is on the market, this one right on Coliseum Square. Built in 1857, this four-bedroom, three-bath home is 5,900-square feet, has 16-foot ceilings in the main rooms, and of course, lovely architectural details. The only bummer? There's a pretty ugly brick ranch next door, built in 1963, which also happens to be for sale. A tipster, not mincing any words, says, "the neighbors have nicknamed it 'the wart' because of how it was attached to the the mansion's gardens" and that maybe someone "well-heeled enough would be decent enough to tear it down."

History lesson: This was the original home to women's rights advocate Sophie B. Wright's Home Institute – English and Classical School For Young Ladies and Children. Then, until the 1970s, it was the Catherine Club, a women's boarding house that helped young women with scholarships, training, and manners. The house was purchased for just $250K in 2004 and the current owner bought it for $1,071,000 two years ago.
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