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French Quarter Morro Castle Rental Lists for $1,995/Mo.

Small, pricey French Quarter rentals are a dime a dozen, but how many can call the Morro Castle home? There are approximately 264 stories associated with this mysterious building built in 1836, but first, the dirt on the rental. For $1,995 per month, the tenant gets a furnished dwelling in the lower Quarter, some serious balcony space, a pool, and utilities, cable, and the internet are all included. The space is just 550-square feet but the balcony and courtyard kind of adds on a whole 'nother living room.

Because few New Orleans structures can escape the whoooo-haunted New Orleans stigma (and 'tis the season, right?) of course this place is rumored to a spooky one. One of the stories associated with the home say a couple mysterious Frenchmen happened to show up in New Orleans, found a pile of granite left over from the building of the Custom House and built this place (not true, the Custom House was built years after the Morro Castle). The truth is, a rich merchant, Paul Pandelly, dreamed the place up with his architect then had some financial woes. The unfinished building was sold to Pierre Soulé in 1838 for $20K. He finished the construction, leased it out (some things never change!) then sold it to fancy-pants planter Francois Barthelemy LeBeau in 1841.
· Listing: 1303 Burgundy St. [Latter & Blum]

1303 Burgundy St. New Orleans, LA