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Not Your Average Algiers Point 'Landmark' Home Asks $375K

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Because nothing says "for sale by owner" like posing in the photos of your on-the-market home, right? Bad pics aside, this Algiers Point four-bedroom, three-bath home is definitely interesting. Bold colors, curved archways galore, pecan(!) wood flooring in the bedrooms, and a 720-square foot master suite with a "massive deck" that overlooks downtown across the river. Also included — broker homeowner babble — this 85-year-old "landmark," is "one of the most unusual and beautiful homes in New Orleans" and has "unique artistic tile in the bathrooms". It's been on and off the market for the past three years and sold for $148K in December 2005. Fun fact: Apparently, whoever built this house (citation needed) was influenced by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi.

· Listing: 1020 Alix St. []