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Claiborne Bridge Closure Sparks Call For Films

In early August, the Claiborne Bridge (aka the Judge Seeber Bridge) closed down for a $4.8M preservation project and paint job, which was supposed to take a few weeks. But due to "weather delays" the drawbridge, which links the Lower Ninth Ward and St. Bernard Parish to the rest of the city and carries about 26,000 commuters daily, is still shut down. There's a tentative "early November" re-opening but for now the St. Claude and Florida Avenue bridges are backed up, traffic is snarled, businesses are feeling the pain, and people are bitching. Lightening up the situation a bit, Chalmette Movies is hosting an "odd film making contest" that shows off the "aggravation of the bridge being out for the last two-plus months." The big winner will be announced on Thanksgiving day.
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