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Three Frightening 'It Happened On Craigslist' Moments

There's no denying that this totally renovated Bywater two-bedroom, two-bath rental is gorgeous, but come on, it's $3,200 per month. By the way, that's a lot of loot for a rental down here, non-New Orleanians. Sure, utilities are included and it's furnished (um, does the crib have to stay?), but this might be a first in the New Orleans broker babble universe: "lovely oak-lined Poland Avenue."
· Listing: 823 Poland Ave. [CL]

? This "body modification specialist" is in "DIRE" need of a place to stay and wants to show his work station at his last job to prove that he is who he says he is? "I'm in a bad situation now that can be discussed later in emails etc. No it isn't a relationship issue or anything similar. I am willing to do whatever mods I can do, on you or anyone else in the house to cover some of rent just so I can get working and get things moving," he says. Yikes. Being in dire need of a place to stay in no laughing matter, but perhaps he might want to remove that gun from atop his Star Wars kit or maybe explain his sitch in a bit more detail? Just a thought.
· Body modification specialist in DIRE need of a place to stay in N.O. [CL]

? A 327-square foot French Quarter third-floor walk up on Rampart Street costs $1,300 per month. That is all.
· Listing: 834 N. Rampart St. [CL]