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St. Roch Neighborhood Groups Seek Fresh Look At Market

When we revealed the St. Roch Community Partners' plans last week for the just-renovated historic St. Roch Market, it elicited quite the response. Still have something to say? There's now a survey "to help get a fresh look at the St. Roch Market and generate ideas for its use." The survey was put together by the St. Roch Improvement Association and the St. Roch CDC, the same team that released a survey similar to this one when the buzz about the market's $3.7-million renovation first became a thing. For those late to the party, the SRCP's proposal involves running an "affordable market for the people of New Orleans," (with a specific statement in the biz plan that they were not interested in creating a gourmet market), a restaurant in the back of the market, and vendor stalls for lease.
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