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Super-Stalled, Controversial Traçage May Break Ground In '14

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Traçage, the seriously stalled Warehouse District luxury development, will apparently break ground in 2014. City Biz reports that the developers aren't discouraged by neighborhood gripes that the 182-foot tall building is too modern/too tall/doesn't match the character of the neighborhood. In fact, one of the developers, Anthony "TJ" Iarocci, says Traçage "is necessary because the city has to continue growing and needs more housing stock to do so." Traçage talks began back in 2005 with plans to build a 288-foot tall luxury condo development on Annunciation Street, spitting distance from the Pontchartrain Expressway. A warehouse was razed to make room for the project, but then the economy tanked and everything was put on hold. Neighborhood beef over the Traçage plans has always been pretty strong, with some claiming their home values will decrease and they'll end up living in one big shadow. Other changes since the $55-million development came back on the scene: The condo idea was traded in for luxury apartments — 125 of them — plus 4,500-square feet of retail space.
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