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Expressway Teardown, Riverfront Park, Peeve Port Prez

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The Port of New Orleans head honcho, Gary LaGrange, is not pleased about two possible projects that could potentially wreck the maritime industry, The New Orleans Advocate reports. First on his shit-list is the tear down talk concerning the raised Claiborne Expressway, which is used by 256,000 trucks per year to haul cargo from the river to warehouses in New Orleans East. LaGrange says removing the urban highway "would totally, for all practical purposes, close all of our ports." His other issue? The Convention Center's plans to create a riverfront park with shopping, a hotel, and a people mover (hopefully better than the Detroit edition) along Convention Center Boulevard. LaGrange says this would mess with the cruise ship terminal traffic, making it tough for the cruise crowd to get on board. Legit points, sure, and hopefully he said this while stomping his feet: "It's all about roads and bridges and airports but never about ports."
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