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Big-Time Restaurateurs Have Sights Set on ArtWorks Building

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Famous local restaurant owner, Dickie Brennan, and his famous local restaurant owner cousin, Ti Martin, along with Dickie's "financial expert" of a brother-in-law are interested in taking over the Louisiana ArtWorks Building, a 93,000-square foot art fail that's currently on the market. The Lens reports that the group wants to team up with Delgado Community College and turn it into a "state-of-the-art cooking school." Delgado's lips are sealed and all Dickie would say is, "We want to do something with the building," which is expected to sell for close to its $4.5-million appraisal. The winning bidder with a plan will be announced in less than a month and because public money (lots of it) was used on the historic renovation that never came to be, there has to be an "arts-related, public-purpose" use.
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