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New Orleans Rental Ads From Back In The Day

There's no price listed for the Algiers Point Bermuda Apartments but the one and two-bedroom digs came furnished with linens. Extra perks included "table silver, ice boxes, hot and cold water in each apartment" and, not bad for 1920, individual doorbells.

From the September, 1915 issue of The Herald: A room at Carondelet and Julia Streets in the CBD went for $2 per week. Gentlemen only for the furnished room with a hot bath at 635 Carondelet St.

↑ "That large commodious and well vented house situated on Tivoli Circle (ed. note: now Lee Circle) has "an abundance of yard room." Now that is some brokerbabble.

↑ More rentals from an 1868 issue of The New Orleans Crescent, and again, no prices. Was this one of those, "If you have to ask, you can't afford it" deals? This listing starts with four Garden District dwellings on Coliseum Street, plus a Second Street spot at Carondelet and a few CBD offerings.

↑ A three-story brick house in the Marigny with gas and water works went for $900 per year back in 1869. The Canal Street levee cars and Rampart streetcar are pretty impressive perks.