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Three Craigslist Rentals That Don't Know Where They Are

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A "lovely" Bywater loft apartment for $575? Alas, rent has not reverted back to its dirt-cheap pre-Katrina ways. This is just the case of a very confused Craigslist poster, listing a "premier property located in the Tremé area" at 1937 St. Ann St. Sure, it's easy to get distracted while dreaming of Bywater loft living and posting a very basic "luxury" apartment. Bywater, Tremé, Bywater, Tremé. This is a Metro Wide Apartments listing, though — the same team that had us wondering what exactly prompted them to label their Central City apartment complex as artist lofts? Creative license is a helluva thing.

↑ Not to be total sticklers for neighborhood designations (too late!), but this Laurel Street/Washington Avenue corporate rental is absolutely in the Irish Channel, not the "Garden/Lower Garden District," as the ad states. Perhaps that sounds a little fancier than name-dropping the Channel while asking $2,495 for a furnished one-bedroom, though?

↑ In more "all of Uptown is not the Garden District" news, this three-bedroom condo at Carondelet and Valence Streets is asking Garden District prices ($3,300 per month) but sorry, that doesn't change your location.

Noticing any listings that are trying to fake their way into a different neighborhood? Call 'em out here or in the comments below.