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Medieval-ish CBD Lair Tries Its Luck On The Rental Market

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The severely price-chopped CBD condo with the dark ages decor is back again, this time testing out the rental scene. The rental asking price — $6,700 — for the two-bedroom, two-bath furnished unit is just as bold as its (multiple) list prices. For those just tuning in, this intensely decorated lair hit the market over the summer with an outrageous ask of $1,950,000 and as of last week, it's been whittled down to $895,000. Sadly, the rental listing doesn't offer up any big reveals or perks. But apparently, this place is "everything that your [sic] looking for and more," which includes the private elevator, balcony, and a "media room with drop down screen." There's a $9,000 security deposit, a $750 pet deposit, and of course, an option to buy.
· Listing: 420 Common St. []
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