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Three Craigslist Rental Roommate Demands

The roommate hunt is rarely ever an easy one, as you'll see in Curbed NOLA's upcoming Worst Rentals and Roommates post (speaking of, email the tipline if you've got some good stories!) but check out some of the stringent (read: grown up) requirements these renters want from their roommates. Instead of Craigslist posts confounded by maps, here are some rental demands from people who won't be your landlord but may become your new roommate...if you meet their requirements.

This Gentilly house comes fully furnished (the bedroom even has a "top of the line" twin-sized bed), there's hardwood floors and free wifi, too. Utilities are split but before you start sorting your clothes and streaming Netflix, Alison, who "can be a great friend as well as a landlord," would like to get to know you better. "If interested: email me with about 3-5 sentences about yourself: name, if you are in school, what kind of work you do, what you do for fun, YOUR AGE, ETC." For student renters she wants to see your current school ID or class schedule, plus proof of how you will pay your $600 per month rent. Not a student? Hand over the pay stubs.

This Mid-City rental ad takes that "getting to know you" sentiment even further with a full online rental application that apparently only takes two minutes to fill out. Questions range from the basics of name and date of birth to just how long you want to stay at the 625 S. Cortez house, though the minimum is 30 days. They're also kind of curious if you've been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor in the last 20 years because these things happen and they definitely want to know about them. Other requirements: "you probably have to be a people person, and if your [sic] not you probably don't like New Orleans much anyway!" and renters must have verifiable employment or be enrolled as a student.

↑ Located on Napoleon Avenue between St. Charles and Claiborne Avenues, the apartment has a spacious backyard that's maintained by the landlord. Whoever moves in won't have to have to worry about this roommate not paying her share of the $575 rent, as her parents "comfortably" have that down pat. All one has to do is preferably be female, cool with dogs, "not too crazy," and must log onto the popular chat client, Skype, for a meeting. — April Siese
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