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Is This The Creepiest Landlord In New Orleans?

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Ian rented an efficiency apartment attached to a dance studio in Mid-City. He hit it off with his new landlady, mainly because he used to dance and he helped clean up the studio in exchange for reduced rent.

"Things started getting strange after she told me that I couldn't lock the door from my space to the dance studio. I woke up one morning to her peeking into the space where I was sleeping. She acted like it was normal and asked if I wanted to do some stretching warm-up exercises with her that evening." Apparently Ian's landlady had something special in mind for him. They began bonding after a rather normal dance class. As she pulled out a scrapbook showing nude modeling photos from her youth, she also pulled off her top.

"After several very awkward minutes, I excused myself as politely as I could in order to get ready for an early day at work. A few days later I awoke to her standing over me. She said she needed to ask me something but didn't want to wake me, so she thought she'd just wait until I woke up." Everything came to a head when a tropical storm hit and forced Ian to pull long hours at the TV news studio where he works. The landlady became irate that he couldn't also take care of the studio and soon enough, he'd moved out, changed his number, and convinced colleagues to say he no longer worked at his place of employment. —April Siese
Think your landlord situation is worse? Or are you a landlord with creepy tenants? Share your crazy New Orleans rental experiences in the comments section or hit up the tipline.
· Renters Week 2013 coverage [Curbed NOLA]