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Horror Stories: Landlady Repeatedly Invades Privacy

Pam's landlady wasn't all that concerned with preserving her tenant's privacy. Allegedly due to apartment renovations, the landlady would come and go as she pleased, as if no one occupied the space at all.

"She woke me early on Sunday mornings, came in when I was taking showers and even once when I was having afternoon sex. She was never sorry and just said it was her right. She also never, ever knocked!" Things got worse and far stranger from there. "The whole thing ended very badly with her calling me at work to accuse me, very violently, of stealing all the light bulbs from the apartment when I finally moved out."
Got a bad landlord? How about an awesome one? And landlords, we want to hear your tales, too. Send an email to the tipline or comment below. — April Siese
· Renters Week 2013 coverage [Curbed NOLA]

photo: Claire P. via flickr