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'Showpiece House' With Garconniere Asks $2,500/Month

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photos via Craigslist

This four-bedroom "showpiece house" has a little something one doesn't see much in the Craigslist ads – a garconniere. Okay, so it's basically just a very rustic, concrete floored 450-square foot guest house, but it sounds fancy. As for the main dwelling, it has a vintage copper and stone fireplace, built-in bookshelves, a sunken Jacuzzi in the master bath, and a sunroom. "This is not a starter house," the ad says. Rent is $2,500 per month and for those thinking of shacking up in this Pine Street home near Clairborne and Broadway, the landlord wants the "age and family status of all occupants, job, salary & duration."
· Dream garden, showpiece house, great nbrhd, 2 min univ, 5 min dwntn [Craigslist]