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Proof That Not All Landlords Are Scumbags

Despite yesterday's creeptastic tale of an efficiency rental gone wrong, there are good landlords in the Crescent City. Have an exceptional landlord tale to share? Hit up the tipline, and in the meantime, check out a few stories of property managers properly managing and being generally awesome.
"One of my former slumlords left my broken a/c un-repaired for an entire New Orleans summer while also refusing to send somebody out to fix my faulty front door lock. My current landlord invited me to a barbecue at her house before I even signed the application." — Brooke
"My former landlord brought and picked me up from Jazz Fest. He was pretty rad." — Taylor
"I had a former landlord drunkenly buy me the best old fashioned I've ever had but only if I ordered it like Thurston Howell from Gilligan's Island." — April
"My landlords give us free rent every December for Christmahannakwanzaaka. They write a poem to inform us of this." — Dan
— April Siese
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