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Checking In With Three Marigny Homes On The Market

In late September we took a peek at three Marigny homes that were for sale. Where are they now?

photos via Latter & Blum

Sold Stuff: At the time, this 1840s storefront-turned- boldly colored two-bedroom dwelling had just hit the market, asking $595,000. Too late for those dreaming of the 2,000-square foot home with a envy-inducing pool and patio (and nicely staged Porsche). It sold in October for $590,000.

photos via Gardner Realtors

PriceChopper: This Marigny Rectangle three-bedroom, two-bath home that was previously asking $375,000 for the 1,403-square foot space is now down to $350,000. The renovated house has outdoor space galore – a front porch, side deck, and a patio with a koi pond.
· Listing: 910 Marigny St. [Gardner Realtors]

photos via FQ Realty

PriceJumper: This six-bedroom, six-bath Creole cottage is still on the market, but there have been a few changes worth noting. There's a new listing agent and the price was bumped up from $429,500 to $470,000. The neon jellyfish art and staged photos are gone and replaced with a more realistic scene of the situation. "Presently occupied by a group who keep the place in a state of disarray," the listing unabashedly states.
· Listing: 708 Mandeville St. [FQ Realty]