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Are These The Trendiest New Orleans Neighborhoods?

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The Movoto real estate blog just released their version of the Top Ten Trendiest New Orleans Neighborhoods. Not to be confused with our Ten Best Neighborhoods For Renters list, it's no surprise that some of the same 'hoods top the list. Their criteria?
· Restaurants, bars, and coffee shops per capita
· Total amenities
· Desirability (according to local real estate agents for the 20 to 35-year-old crowd)
· WalkScores
· Percent of neighborhood's population who are married ("We ranked those neighborhoods with a lower percent of married people higher, because what fun is going out and meeting a bunch of married folks?" - dang!)
Of course the most walkable, well-known neighborhood in town, the French Quarter, nabbed their number one spot. Hard to argue on the amenity front with 270 restaurants, 147 bars, and 23 coffee shops. The Marigny in the number two slot is no surprise either, although it's a tough sell to state it's "mostly due" to the low percentage of married people living there (just 17 percent).

Mid-City, Uptown, Lower Garden District, Bywater, Central Business District — absolutely. The Curbed tipline was hot and bothered last week after our list didn't mention the Irish Channel, so IC dwellers can now rejoice that they are indeed in trendy territory, coming in at number six. A surprising sight on the list: Central City. Usually tagged with the "up-and-coming" or "oh, hell no" labels, Movoto says the neighborhood's high number of amenities, walkability, and high single population puts it on the trendy list. Perhaps they're not so far off, as the Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard rejuvenation takes place, but we're no so sure name-dropping Ugelsich's, a closed-since-2005 restaurant, ups the trendiness level.
What's a neighborhood list without shout-outs to the bottom of the barrel guys? These neighborhoods are the least trendy, they say: Fountainebleau, Audubon, St. Roch, Gentilly, Hollygrove, St. Claude, and Bayou St. John.
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