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Craftsman-Style Home Starred In HBO's Tremé, Has Clean Dirt

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Remember the house that unabashedly used "famously known as the HBO Tremé home of John Goodman & Melissa Leo's characters," as a selling point, in reference to the TV series about to enter its final season? Well, the Craftsman-style cottage was just pricechopped down to $976,000 (original ask: $989K) and is still pulling out all the stops in the listing department – this time with an environmental twist. Apparently, this Lowerline Street home in the Black Pearl neighborhood Uptown is one of the "rare few NOLA properties made safe for kids & pets thru soil remediation. DEMAND a soil test B4 U buy ANY NOLA home!" Okay, then. The three-bedroom house built in 1913 does have some legit perks: 3,952-square feet of space plus a detached 520-square foot workshop, a 360-square foot guest house for your micro home-loving pals, and a salt water pool and hot tub.
Chuckle-worthy sidenote: The home, owned by the former publisher of the satirical newspaper, The Levee, raised quite a stink while rented out to the Tremé cats, proving that Hollywood South isn't all fun and games. The Times-Pic captured neighborhood beef at its finest, as one neighbor griped, "I have a Tudor revival and I'd be glad to let them use my home. And I'd make sure that the neighborhood is compensated for their inconvenience."

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