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One-Bedroom Irish Channel Rental Boldly Asks $2,050/Month

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Listen, Irish Channel, you're officially getting out of control. First it was the Laurel Street home shooting for $520,000 and then its neighbor down the street asking $499,000 after a PriceChop occurred — now this Seventh Street rental takes the cake for straight-up ridiculousness in the pricing department. This one-bedroom, one-bath, 950-square foot dwelling is listed for a whooping $2,050 per month and the other half of the double is going for $2,000. It's newly renovated, which is always nice, but there's no mention of utilities being included or some crazy amenities to make sense of this price. Need some more mind-boggling numbers? This place sold for $5,000 in 2002 and just last year, it went to the current owner for $150,000.
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