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Hilariously Overpriced Basement Apt. Back in the Spotlight

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The "Rental of the Year," according to Gambit's 2013 year in review, which rattled off the "strangest, most interesting and in some cases, most alarming stories of the year" is none other than the $1,595 per month, 700-square foot basement efficiency apartment we laughed at featured during Renters Week last month. The maniacal listing, littered with all-caps tirades and misspellings, offered "ULTRA LUXURY" living in the form of an "Exquisite Antique Chinese Inlaid Privacy divider" separating the daybed and big-screen TV from the "Macerating Toilet" (barf!). The laundry list of about 40 amenities — the tub is the "deepest on the market," by the way — was surely created to make potential renters feel better about the fact that they're paying way too much to live in some guy's basement. Gambit's snippet asked, "Did the owner get the money? Who knows." and the answer is: not yet. This Willow Street place is still on the rental market, but with a $10 PriceChop, bringing the rent down to a still-outrageous $1,585 per month.
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