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What Does The Future Hold For The Old Dixie Brewery Building?

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The Dixie Brewery Company owners are continuing their three-year fight today in court to save the Mid-City building, built in 1907, and bring the brewery back to New Orleans. The New Orleans Advocate reports that the state took over the dilapidated property in 2011 (it's been empty since Hurricane Katrina) and switched it over to the VA as part of the massive under-construction medical complex. The VA's plans for the site? A bioscience research site called, no joke, the Dixie Brewery Research Building. Plans call for adding on a modern-ish five-story building behind the current site but "weathering and signs of age will be allowed to remain as much as possible." Apparently, the state has offered the Dixie Brewery owners $52,285, which they rejected. Dixie Brewery has already lost four court cases concerning the future of the Tulane Avenue structure.

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