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This Is The Ultimate Mid-Century Modern Home Switch-Up

Former residence of Nathaniel "Buster" Curtis, 6161 Marquette Pl.

The rumors are true! The former home of Superdome designer, Nathaniel "Buster" Curtis, one of New Orleans' finest architects, has sold to architect and interior designer, Lee Ledbetter, and his partner Doug Meffert. In the ultimate Uptown mid-century modern home switcheroo, the Times-Pic reports that Ledbetter and Meffert heard that Curtis' seven-bedroom, five-bathroom spread on Marquette Place, a home that they've "long admired" was on the market. While they weren't exactly looking to move (they have a stunning mid-century modern home of their own on Dominican Street, built in 1955 by San Francisco architect John Dinwiddie) they couldn't resist the history and allure associated with Curtis' former residence, and it will be all theirs at the end of this month. The sale price is still unknown but the home listed in October for $1,096,000. As for the Ledbetter/Meffert residence, a three-bedroom, two-bath home with an envy-inducing pool, it hit the market last month for $675,000 and was under contract in one day. Ledbetter admitted the move will be bittersweet (completely understandable) but let's hope he'll kick things off right in the new digs, following through on what he told The Advocate, "Wouldn't you just love to have a party here and make everyone dress like Laura Petrie and Dick Van Dyke?"

7521 Dominican St./photos via Keller Williams

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