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Police Station From 1902, Firehouses, More To Be Auctioned Off

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2552 St. Philip St./images via

Once again, it's almost surplus auction action time, when the city tries to unload properties "no longer needed for public purpose." The structures are all pretty busted and in need of serious TLC overhauls so bidders should prepare to open those pocketbooks wide on December 13. A sneak peek open house takes place Friday, December 6 from noon to 2 p.m. The big property last time around was the Poland Avenue stables in Bywater, which sold for $330,000 (way above the $112,500 opening bid) but have no fear, there are a few architectural gems returning to the auction block. The building above, built in 1902, was a police station with jail cells on the second floor. The 2,164-square foot structure in the Tremé/Esplanade Ridge part of town was also a library and community center, and has been vacant since Hurricane Katrina hit. Bidding starts at $175,000.

6038 St. Claude Ave./images via

↑ Built in 1924, this fire station (engine #39) in the Holy Cross neighborhood of the Lower Ninth Ward has been sitting empty since Hurricane Katrina, as well. The 1,976-square foot space is zoned as a C-1 commercial property and clearly, is in poor condition. Bidding opens at $31,500.

801 Rosedale Dr./images via

↑ Here's a pretty wrecked house in the Navarre section of Lakeview. Once used as city offices, the 2,163-square foot home has roof damage galore and "extensive termite intrusion." Bidding starts at $97,500.

7450 Paris Rd./images via

↑ Way out on Paris Road, this former visitors center, built in 1994, has an opening bid of $70,000. The main building is 1,620-square feet and is connected by porches to the two side buildings, which are 600-square feet each. The commercially zoned place might still be packed with travel brochures and paperwork from August 2005.

4131 Elysian Fields/images via

↑ Another former fire station (engine #28, for those keeping track), this Gentilly Ridge structure was built in 1939 and was a firehouse until 1980. The New Orleans Recreation Department set up shop here until 1986 and apparently, it's been vacant since then. The 2,620-square foot building has an opening bid of $176,000.
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