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Sidney Torres IV's Marigny Manor For Sale With a Secret Price

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photos via French Quarter Realty

The asking price is top secret and viewings are by approval only, but here's a peek at 1011 Esplanade, a 5,000-square-foot, three-story house built in 1829. The owner of the four-bedroom, five-bath Marigny mansion is none other than Sidney Torres IV, the former trash tycoon-turned-hotelier/real estate developer, who scooped this property up in 1999 for just $350,000. This spot used to be the Rivers Inn hotel until Torres turned it into his personal home and hired on local architect and interior decorator Lee Ledbetter. From the Architectural Digest: "Ledbetter expanded many of the three-foot-wide doorways between rooms to 12 feet. 'I've renovated four large French Quarter houses, and I've done this in every one,' the architect says. 'It helps open up the spaces, create flow, increase views, and bring in light. But I also respect what's there.'" There are marble bathrooms, wide pine floors, a three-room master suite that opens to the wrap-around balcony, a pool and patio, plus off-street parking for two cars. Not bad.
· Listing: 1011 Esplanade Ave. [French Quarter Realty]
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