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Curbed Cup Round 2: Bayou St. John vs. Bywater

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The Curbed Cup 2013 kicked off last week with eight neighborhoods vying for the prestigious title, completely fake trophy, and bragging rights as the New Orleans Neighborhood of the Year. Round two begins today with the final four showdown. Voting for each match-up closes 24 hours after it begins and this round's results will be reviewed Friday. Happy voting!

Bayou St. John jumps over to round two after knocking out the top seed, the Marigny, last week. The Mid-City neighborhood is known for its festivals, down-home neighborhood feel-good vibe, and proximity to City Park. The development scene is pretty silent here (which most residents probably consider a very good thing) but there were a couple big sales worth noting this year. The American Can Apartments sold for $30.8-million and the Esplanade at City Park apartments switched hands to the tune of $53.5-million.
Then there's Bywater, which beat out the Lower Garden District in round one. The rapidly changing downtown 'hood has become quite the hot spot for food and booze aficionados; the Crescent Park opening will finally allow riverfront access; and home sales are seriously soaring. Well, dear Curbed readers, which will it be?

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