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Curbed Cup Round 2: Irish Channel vs. Riverbend

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Curbed Cup 2013 kicked off last week with eight neighborhoods vying for the prestigious title, completely fake trophy, and bragging rights as the New Orleans Neighborhood of the Year. Round two continues with the final four showdown. Voting for each match-up closes 24 hours after it begins and this round's results will be reviewed tomorrow. Happy voting!

The Irish Channel easily booted the St. Roch neighborhood out of the running last week and now faces off against the Riverbend, which showed up the Central Business District. Both Uptown hotspots are known for their walkable neighborhoods, vast array of retail selections, and there's no shortage of dining or boozing options in either 'hood. The Channel gets rowdy when St. Patty's Day rolls around — first with the block party and again when the potato and cabbage-pelting parade rolls down Magazine Street. The Riverbend's answer to packing the streets? The Oak Street Po' Boy Festival. Neither neighborhood is experiencing a development boom (they're both pretty jam-packed with houses) but there is talk in the Riverbend of a five-story condo going up on Oak Street and real estate listings are getting in the sky-high arena in the IC. Curbed NOLA studies reveal that residents in both parts of town are pretty hardcore about repping their stomping grounds, so this race should be a real battle. And go!
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