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Nothing Is Ordinary In This Carrollton-Area Rental Ad

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Remember the maniacal listing for the severely overpriced basement efficiency apartment? Well, now the upstairs portion of the house is for rent. The two-bedroom, 1,160-square-foot Carrollton-area rental is much, much nicer than its downstairs neighbor and the listing doesn't have such a desperate tone; but it's still pretty damn odd. The rent ranges from $2,085 to $2,450 depending on which utilities are included (and how much one can make sense of the repetitive ad). Perks include an "Extensive fire alarm system," an "Enormous 12 foot custom pantry with custom made 12 cedar cabinets," "Huge shuttered cypress doors with very ornate brass hardware in every room," and a "Full Canopy of century old Live Oak trees canopy the street in shade." Thumbs-up for the stained glass and pretty floors (which of course are "Fresh High gloss urethane century old Heart of red pine floors"). There's gated off-street parking, a private brick patio, and "all transoms and security doors screened for fabulous Fall and Spring days when the North wind can blow right through the apartment through the shuttered doors." The most important take-away from this listing, though? The "$1,200,000 Victorian home" never flooded, as the landlord felt the need to mention this four times.
· Listing: 7910 Willow St. [Craigslist]
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