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Nominate Your Neighborhood For The 2013 Curbed Cup

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Coming to New Orleans for the very first time, we present the Curbed Cup, an annual bracket-style tourney for the Neighborhood Of The Year award. Before the eight neighborhoods can face off, though, we need your say on the parts of town that are most deserving of this supreme honor. The city is electric these days and we want to hear what makes your favorite neighborhood buzz. From restaurant and bar openings to the best housing stock to retail destinations — tell us where the action is. Whether you're digging the developments in the CBD, love lounging around Bayou St. John, are a total Quarter Rat, or want to make this the ultimate Uptown versus Downtown shitshow, we want to hear from you. Those that chime in with the best arguments can help sway fellow Curbed Cup voters once the competition kicks off in the next couple weeks. Please do spill the beans in the comments section below or hit up the tipline. Curbed Cup bragging rights could be coming soon to a neighborhood near you.