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Year In Review: Curbed NOLA's Most-Read Posts of 2013

It was quite the year in real estate for New Orleans — the former World Trade Center building redevelopment plans were announced, the downtown development scene is wild, and homes are listing for once-unheard of prices. But what piqued the interest of Curbed NOLA readers the most in 2013? Here we have the top five most-read posts of the year.

5.) Garden District Mansion Stars In 'American Horror Story'
The FX series, "American Horror Story:Coven" is set in New Orleans and the 20,000-square foot Buckner Mansion on Jackson Avenue, playing the role of Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, has been hogging the spotlight all season.

4.) Berlin-Based Artist Wraps Up Mural On Seventh Ward Home
A tipster hit us up with news of this mural going up on a Seventh Ward home earlier this month. The end result? "Louisiana Blue Note" by street artist MTO. He also made his way to Freret Street, and finished a mural on Gasa Gasa music venue last week.

3.) Solange Knowles' Bywater Move Is A Bust, What Went Wrong?
It was no secret that Solange, aka Beyonce's little sister, wanted to move to New Orleans, so when she set her sights on a swoon-worthy Bywater home, plunked down $15K, and signed a contract, it seemed like a done deal. Obviously, that was not the case.

2.) NOLA's 10 Most Expensive Homes For Sale
Released in July, this map highlights the most high-dollar listings at the time — from a $9.5M Garden District estate originally built for a tobacco merchant to a $4.995M Colonial home overlooking New Orleans Country Club. Some of these dwellings have since been sold, PriceChopped, or by-passed by more expensive listings, so do stay tuned for a brand spanking new list for the new year.

1.) Meat, Cheese, Amazingness May Be Coming To St. Roch Market!
Judging by the comments, shares, and Twitterverse reactions after we revealed the St. Roch Community Partners' interest in running the show at the just-renovated historic St. Roch Market, it's no surprise that this was the most-read post on Curbed NOLA from 2013. Missed it the first time around? The group wants to operate the space as an affordable public market for the people of New Orleans.