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'American Horror Story' House Is Back In The Spotlight

The Buckner Mansion continues to steal the show on the locally shot FX television series,American Horror Story: Coven, and now E! is fawning over the Garden District digs, too. Their "11 Fascinating Secrets" are mostly unsurprising design-related tidbits (chandeliers are expensive, the set has lots of antique furniture) but finding the Jackson Avenue estate did come "fairly easily" to set designer Mark Worthington. He knew they wanted to "find an old antebellum mansion in the Garden District, a Greco-Roman revival, which starts from a base of being lighter." Of course, the $20,000 per month rental that plays the role of the fictional Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies is just used for the exterior shots and the rest is filmed at the Second Line sound stages in the Lower Garden District. "They finished building [the Buckner Mansion] in 1857, so the interior wasn't completely appropriate," Worthington told E!. "The proportions were a little odd and frankly, not good. The rooms were kind of really long and narrow and tall, so we started from scratch inside and built a whole new interior on a stage."
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