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6,751-Square Foot Garden District Home Asks $2,495,000

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photos via Keller Williams

It's been a couple months now and there are still no takers on this grand five-bedroom, five-bath Garden District estate. Listed for $2,495,000 with 6,751-square feet of space, there are eight fireplaces, carved marble mantles, striking ceiling medallions, and a big, private backyard. If the assessor's office records are correct then somehow the current owner scooped up this swanky spread for just $40,000 in 1991. And speaking of the homeowner — fun fact — he happens to be the former prez of Zatarain's and now runs the flavor and spice show at McCormick. But back to the house, built in the 1860s, it was remodeled and raised and got a new facade in 1878. Right up the street from Anne Rice's old digs, this place has been dancing on and off the market for a few years now. It was listed back in 2009 with a $3,475,000 asking price that dropped to $2,695,000 in 2011 before being taken off the market.
· Listing: 1312 First St. [Keller Williams]