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The Best Reveillon Menus, Heatmap Update, And More

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Welcome to Eater Tastings, where Eater NOLA editor Gwendolyn Knapp shares the best restaurant and bar news of the week.

NOLA— Reveillon menus have landed in New Orleans, with tons of restaurants running their holiday prix fixes from now until the end of December. Eater presents a guide to the best of the bunch right here.

NOLA— Wondering where to eat right now? Introducing the Eater Heatmap, freshly updated for December 2013, with new additions Doris Metropolitan and Ivy.

NOLA— Tiki expert/New Orleans resident Jeff "Beachbum" Berry unleashes his newest book, Potions of the Caribbean: 500 Years of Tropical Drinks and the People Behind Them unto the world this December, and is also planning to open a tiki bar in New Orleans in 2014.