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Historic St. Roch Market Near Completion, Finally

In "it-should-be-open-by-now" news, the St. Roch Market, undergoing a $3.7 million renovation that began in July of last year, is running at least four months behind schedule. The historic landmark on St. Claude and St. Roch Avenues is starting to look like it's closer to the near-completion stage, but no official word on its progress.

Built in 1875 as an open-air market, the 8,600-square foot, Hurricane Katrina-damaged space sat empty for years after the storm. Listed as one of the 17 targeted recovery zones during former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's run, the current restoration wasn't fired up until our current fighting-blight Mayor Mitch Landrieu was in office. The St. Roch Market's renovation includes roof replacement, extensive exterior repair, complete interior restoration, and new flooring. The building is set to have "white box" status, meaning it can have several uses and be leased from the city by several vendors.
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