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Will You Pay? Algiers Ferry May Have Fare

[Photo via flickr]

Further proof that nothing in this world is free: The Algiers ferry, which costs $3.1M a year to operate, may start charging for a trip across the Mighty Mississip'. WWL reports that the ferry is just not a main mission for the Regional Transit Authority but Veolia, the private company that runs the buses and streetcars for the RTA, might be interested in hopping aboard. For a cost.

Making it clear that they're unwilling to take a loss, Veolia is currently "crunching numbers" with the state (who is currently in charge of ferry operations) to determine a proper fare. The ferries were previously funded by tolls from the Crescent City Connection bridge, which stopped in January after a prickly voter recount. Starting in July, the Algiers ferry will have reduced hours of operation and the Gretna ferry will no longer be in service.
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