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Newly Formed "Blight Squad" in Mid-City Takes on Two Houses

Two blighted houses in Mid-City are finally getting some much needed attention. It's unclear whether demo, a board up, or a sale are on the way to help, but the homes are the project of a newly formed "blight squad," which is part of a bigger neighborhood organization for Mid-City. With two current members and two addresses (316 S. Alexander St. and 529 S. Pierce St.) they're going to treat this first effort as a trial of sorts as they figure out some better ways to deal with bigger patches of blight. They'll definitely be in touch with the health department and the sheriff's office as a start.

In New Orleans, properties reported as blight, (which happens by calling 311) can be tracked through BlightStatus, an interactive site that fetches its info weekly from official city records. This map allows you to see all cases and what the activity status is.
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