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Ridiculous Rent: Marigny Home Listed for $7,500

Rent in New Orleans just ain't what it used to be (dirt cheap), but it's still an affordable place to live. So when places like this come along - $7,500 a month for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in the Marigny - How about a big ole', "Are you kidding me?" One can only assume that a rental in this astronomical price range is marketed toward the Hollywood South film industry crews who want more than a hotel room but still need the maid service (yes, a "private maid service" is available).

Hopefully whoever ends up in this 3,600-square foot spot puts the brick patio, recently remodeled Viking kitchen, and wet bar (with an absinthe drip!) to good use.

· Listing: 816 St. Ferdinand Street [Gardner Realtors]