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Bayou-Side Sand Volleyball Courts Are A No-Go

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Bad news for wanna-be beach bums along Bayou St. John, but the volleyball courts aren't happening, The Lens reports. The Mid-City Volleyball Group have been searching for a permanent home for their nets and were in talks with the Sewerage and Water Board about leasing the land along N. Jefferson Davis Highway. The volleyball group prez has since pulled back their proposal, saying "There is enough opposition that we expect the S&WB to withdraw its offer to lease that land." Apparently,volleyball isn't historic enough of a sport, since Louisiana Landmarks Society director says it would "change the character of the neighborhood." No word yet on what's going to happen to the donated heap of sand that's sitting bayou-side. Councilwoman Susan Guidry, who helped obtain the sand, said it will stay there until the volleyballers find a place for it (umm, really?) or until the Lafitte Greenway project starts up in November.
· Volleyball Club Drops Plans to Build Sand Courts Along Bayou St. John [The Lens]