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Abandoned, Overgrown Golf Courses To See $24.5M Make-Over

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After a few delays, FEMA has approved the construction of City Park's new golf course. The $24.5 million championship course will take over parts of the abandoned, overgrown lots that flooded during Hurricane Katrina. Last year, FEMA put a hold on the project to conduct an architectural dig on the greens. Native American artifacts were found last year in neighboring Bayou St. John, but nothing turned up in City Park. The only current snag now is FEMA needs to review the damage claims, currently around the $6 million mark. City Park's CEO said he wants to see that increase "10 to 30 percent." Construction could begin in November and the course is set to open sometime in 2015, depending on when the grass is planted and how quickly it sprouts up.

· FEMA Okays Construction of New City Park Championship Golf Course []