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Introducing Curbed NOLA: Neighborhoods, Real Estate, More!

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Hey y'all! Welcome to Curbed NOLA, the newest cat on the block in the Curbed Network. New Orleans, with her unique architecture, fascinating people, and very strange ways, is a Curbed match-made-in-heaven dream and Sarah Chase will be (wo)manning the desk. Curbed NOLA will be rocking the neighborhood and real estate news party with 15 other Curbed sites, including Curbed NY, Curbed SF, Curbed Atlanta, Curbed Detroit, Curbed Chicago, and our sister site, Eater NOLA.

Whether you're in the mood for a French Quarter penthouse or interested what you can rent for $1,000, we've got you covered. We may be called "the city that care forgot" but we'll still keep you updated on the newest developments at Charity Hospital, the former WTC site and supermarkets around town. Drop us a line with your neighborhood and real estate dirt and don't forget to add us on Facebook and Twitter.
· Curbed NOLA [official site]