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Previewing Tales, Eater 38, Inside Casa Borrega, More!

Welcome to Eater Tastings, where Eater NOLA editor Gwendolyn Knapp shares the best restaurant and bar news of the week.

CENTRAL CITY? The newest stop on the O.C. Haley's train to boomtown, Casa Borrega, is an authentic Mexican street food restaurant and cultural hub from owners Hugo Montero and Linda Stone. They've been the talk of the town since opening on July 4th. Here's a look inside.

QUARTER? Thousands of imbibers, and cocktail afficianados will roll into town next week for Tales of the Cocktail, July 17-22. Here's a preview of the summer's spirited event.

NOLA? The weekend is here, and if you need a restaurant recommendation, the Eater 38 and the Heatmap have both been updated this week.
QUARTER? The Cure Co. team will open Cane & Table in the former Pravda space on Decatur next week. Nearby, at Molly's At The Market, the Killer Po' Boys duo will open a new, sure-to-please popup Dis Taco on Friday, July 19.

QUARTER? Joel Dondis and Tariq Hannah are planning to open a new Sucre location at 622 Conti in early 2014, with a retail shop on the bottom floor and a dessert-focused restaurant on the top floor, which will take Hannah's pastry chefdom to a whole new level.