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What $850/Month Can Rent You In New Orleans

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent or buy for a set dollar amount in various New Orleans neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $850/month

Data released last week says that the average New Orleans rental is now $872. Keep in mind, they included suburban landscapes (Kenner, Metairie, parts of the West Bank and St. Bernard Parish) where the rent is generally a bit cheaper than New Orleans proper.

↑ Location is what you're paying for in this 450-square foot French Quarter one-bedroom, one-bath apartment. Luckily, there is storage, a side balcony, and a shared courtyard to make up for the lack of indoor space.

↑ An Uptown rental in the University area is going for $850 a month. There's a screened-in porch, dining room, washer/dryer, and "maybe" off-street parking if the driveway is available, they say. Water is paid, so that's a nice perk and thankfully, the carpet has been removed. While there's nothing terribly special about this place, it's definitely a nice price for 750 square feet of living.

↑ This one-bedroom, two-bath (nice!) West End apartment listed for $800 seems pretty plain. But it does has a pool, stainless steel appliances, and is within walking distance to the lake.

This Victorian two-bedroom, one-bath shotgun is listed for $850. Restored hardwood floors and a fenced in backyard are nice extras, but kitchen appliances aren't included. Also, have fun with the ongoing "What's This Neighborhood Called?" game as you argue over the merits of New Bywater, St. Claude District or heck, the Ninth Ward.

Poll results

· Listing: 937 Barracks St. #3 [French Quarter Realty]
· Listing: 2232 Pine St. [Craigslist]
· Listing: 318 Lake Marina Ave. #108 [Re/Max]
· Listing: 1121 Louisa St. [Craigslist]