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Debating Property Tax Assessments; Auditor Steps In

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There are some big changes going on in the exciting world of New Orleans tax assessments, y'all. First, property owners now have a month (instead of two weeks) to dispute an assessment value. In an effort to make the nightmarish process easier, Louisiana has moved to the internet age, allowing appeals to be filed online.
To keep the tax-related fun going, the state auditor's office said the Louisiana Tax Commission needs to buck up, The Advocate reports. Half of homes in Orleans Parish "missed the legal target of 10 percent of fair market value" but the Tax Commission doesn't agree with this claim. They say the audit was "performed with a lack of understanding of the appropriate legal and factual background."
The most glaring example brought up by the auditor is two Garden District homes, both about 2,800-square feet and in the mid-$500K range. One property tax bill was around $8500, the other less than $2500.
All of this back and forth and "erratic, inequitable values" are a taste of why Orleans Parish has just one assessor (opposed to the previous seven), Eroll Williams, the Orleans Parish Tax Assessor, said.
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