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WTC Watch: Developers Get Grilled By Deciding Panel

The panel holding the future of 2 Canal Street (also known as the former site of New Orleans' World Trade Center, for those just tuning in) in its hands has spoken. The three vying developers have received a list of questions and the panel wants written answers by July 26 and 30-minute presentations at a later date, The Advocate reports. All three groups were asked how they plan to link foot traffic with the surrounding area, which includes the aquarium, the riverfront, and Riverwalk Marketplace. The groups that don't want to demo the building were asked what their plan is if they encounter the dreaded asbestos.

Gatehouse Capitol Corp., whose proposal calls for a W Hotel, luxury apartments, and a giant ferris wheel, presented the most detailed plans, so they have the least amount of questions to answer. But the panel does want to know the following:
· What's with the "necessity" of building a parking garage?
· The financial statements from backers involved
· Proof that the W wants to move in

James H. Burch, LLC's plans also include a hotel and luxury apartments, but also some touristy baits, offices, music clubs, and an observation deck. The panel asked,
· Who are these four hotels expressing interest in the site?
· What's up with the financing?
· A better idea of what the hotel and apartments will look like
· More details on the "Eyes on the World" tourist attraction

The Tricentennial Group, who want to demolish the former-WTC building and build an "iconic structure" in its place, are expected to answer:
· Who is going to run this "iconic structure"?
· A detailed explanation of how they're going to pay, since Governor Bobby Jindal vetoed a bill that they were kind of counting on for funding
· A list of all head honchos involved

The panel will review the answers and make a recommendation to the New Orleans Building Corporation next month.
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