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Metairie To The Seventh Ward: Highbrow and Lowbrow Sales

From a posh $1.38 million Metairie house to a $15K Seventh Ward home that needs serious work, City Business reports the details on recent sales. The listing agent of the 4,700-square foot Metairie abode said, "Most of the listings priced in the seven-figure range are snatched up in mere days, with sellers generally getting close to their asking price." This joint was on the market for three days. On the other end of the housing sales spectrum, the selling agent of the ultra-cheap reno-project at 1722 Frenchmen St. says the buyer will probably need to put about $50-60K into the shotgun-style home before it's livable. Apparently, the new buyers are in the renovation biz and were scoping out the property for its location.
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