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Could Dutch-Inspired Designs Answer Storm Water Issues?

Unsightly drainage canals, standing water, and streets that flood every time it rains could be a thing of the past if the Greater New Orleans Water Plan is the real deal. The Advocate reports that these Dutch-inspired methods could make use of the 60-something inches of rainfall New Orleans receives per year. Instead of only counting on the pumps, which sometimes just can't keep up in the sub-tropical downpours, Greater New Orleans Inc. and Waggonner & Ball have several ideas. Of course, these ideas cost money and there are a slew of project pilots to prove their worthiness. A full report will be released in early September.

· Lafitte Blueway: An unused waterway that runs alongside the Lafitte Greenway, this could be used for storm water.
· The Canal Street Canal: This Metairie Canal would be kept partially full, making it less of an eyesore. A test-run of this idea apparently worked wonders.
· Floating Streets: Porous asphalt would replace damaged streets (particularly in Lakeview) and a "colander-like structure" would store rainwater so it can slowly seep into surrounding soil. This plan worked in the Lower 9th Ward.
· Planners, Inspired By Dutch, Now Hope To Build [The Advocate]
· Lafitte Corridor Connection