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Electrifying Tremé Home Goes From $95K to $59K

Just a few weeks ago we were asking if this Tremé house was a brightly-hued ball of fun or a tacky remodeling nightmare. The original asking price was $95K; then there was a $10K price cut last week and the next day – down to $59,000! This price seems more on point with surrounding home sales in the area. A testament to the up-and-coming neighborhood, though: This place sold for $19,000 back in 2008.
To recap from our previous post, this Victorian sidehall from around 1912 has some nice architectural details - original mantles, pocket doors, and some sort of renovation apparently took place. The electric blue and seafoam green might be a bit much for some but eh, painting is the easy part of a restoration process. And with the $36,000 you'd be saving, you could always hire someone.
· Listing: 1011 N. Rocheblave Street [Gardner Realtors]