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Luxury Highrise Taking Over Deserted Elk Medical Plaza

Another downtown luxury living option is popping up, this one on Elk Place right off of Canal Street. The vacant, 17-floor building will undergo a $20 million renovation and open as100 Elk sometime in spring 2014. The apartments, rumored to be priced at $2 per square foot, will range from one to three bedrooms at 800 to 1100-square feet. The ground floor will be 8,000-square feet of retail space, and the first seven floors will be parking spaces. Baton Rouge-based developer, Mike Wampold, is the man behind the project and of course he predicts the demand will be strong.With the new Loyola streetcar line rolling by the front door and the BioDistrict and South Market District staking claim nearby, we predict some changes to this part of town.
· Wampold Doing Apartments in Downtown New Orleans [Business Report]